Son Shining at Shiloh

08 May 11

Spring is in full swing, and we are already enjoying the Son shining here are people come in to open their camps and have some fellowship around the word. There have been many things happening already, and the anticipation of what is in store for us here this summer is very exciting. Dave Coe and Danny Lockwood have built a beautiful new fence, the three bedroom cottage has been painted inside, and the new campsites will be going in up on the hill soon, making it possible for more people to enjoy the Shiloh summer life. Looking out on the lake, seeing the new growth on the trees, and hearing the birds singing, is all wonderful. Having all of that and the life brought about by true fellowship, is awesome.

Some new things will be going on here this summer, with something for everyone. There will of course be the meetings on Monday-Thursday, and the Friday concerts or other form of Christian entertainment. We will also be having a talent show one week, and adding a weekly kids hour with activities for elementary school aged children. There will also be other times of ministry for kids, and games for kids and teens when called for. The store will be open for campers and people in the lake area to enjoy special treats, and the Tab will be open a couple of hours a day for recreation. How exciting to see the Lord working in us already, and among the grounds as more and more people visit.

Have a blessed spring and summer, and we hope to see you here.

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